Sunday, August 15, 2010

Textile Designing in Pakistan

Textile designing is an art and it is as old as beginning of mankind. Nowadays, many different types of companies are involved in the production of textiles and clothing and some even have huge manufacturing plants in different countries.

Since Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. Due to constant availability of finest cotton supply, the textile industry is backbone of the Pakistan economy. Relatively there is good scope in the field of textile designing in Pakistan , constantly new jobs are generated with handsome salary packages. Approximately there are more than 1000 textile mills and exporters in Pakistan , located in major cities like Karachi , Faisalabad , Lahore , Gujranwala , Sialkot etc.

At present Pakistan is competing mainly India and China and if steps are taken on far footing to upgrade quality standards, and textile institutes are encouraged to produce quality human resource, Pakistan has the capacity to produce finest quality of textile products which can easily compete India and Pakistan.

We can divide textile designers into following categories;
  • Color Specialist, who predicts and forecast future color ranges.
  • Yarn designers
  • Knitted fabric designer
  • Woven fabric designer
  • Carpet designer
  • Print Designer
  • Embroidery Designer
  • Knitwear Designer
  • Garment Designer
  • Accessories Designer
  • Stylist

The role of textile designer is to design and produce, to an agreed timetable, an agreed number of commercially viable fabric designs.

 Still some textile designers design some patterns manually by hand but it is time consuming.Uusually they draw or paint their design onto paper, then scan their designs into the computer and edit the photograph using various kinds of software. In today’s business environment it is not possible to continue designing textiles without computers. The textile design tools available on computers produces much finer and quicker results.

One of the software is Lectra Fashion PLM.

 Lectra Fashion PLM enables fashion companies to manage collections and product lifecycles from A to Z. It is the only solution to integrate tools to optimize all the activities and processes involved in managing, designing, developing, industrializing and manufacturing collections. By aligning individual processes with wider priorities, Lectra Fashion PLM supports companies as they seek to deliver cost-effective, on-trend collections in a timely manner, season after season. In these tough times, bringing the right product to market at the right time is crucial to staying ahead of the field.


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