Friday, September 3, 2010

Amazing Akiane's sketches at age of 4

Akiane started sketching when she was just 4 years old. She sketched hundreds of figures and portraits on whatever material or place she found, including windows, walls, books, furniture etc. She drew different posture from her imagination and inspiration. Sometimes she used to draw while keeping her eyes closed. Akiane was greatly inspired by faces, and she used to sit and focus on drawing, erasing and shading different features and emotions in detail again and again. In the beginning when started doing drawing on walls and was scolded by her parents, she changed the canvas from walls to Bottom of the tables so that no one disturbs her. 2nd phase was the time, when she started doing portrait sketches on wall, of her family, her friends and faces that she saw in her dreams. At this point she didn't work with colors, she asked only for lead pencils and charcoal.

Whenever Akiane drew portrait, she always wanted to have perfection in it. She has a great sense, for reading faces. Once Akiane sketched a portrait of a woman who was looking very happy, she sketched her portrait with a very sad expression. Upon seeing the picture, the woman was unable to control over her tears, and admitted that her smiley face was not real, infact she was sad from inside, for she had just lost her only son.

Akiane mother told, that once she participated in a drawing contest at the age of six. The jury did not believe that the drawings she submitted are made by Akiane.

Akiane has lived in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado and Idaho. Her experience of poverty and affluence has made her more sensitive artist who is more close to religion. Her life's goal is to share her love for God and people around the world.

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