Monday, September 6, 2010

Hijab and Scarf becoming Popular in Girls

Recently one English daily newspaper conducted a survey on Hijab and scarf. This survey was conducted among those ladies who are mostly highly educated and are presently working as professionals in their respective fields. Survey was quite interesting. When question was raised why they do Scarf or Hijab or under what circumstance they started doing scarf. Some of the answers are as below;

One beatiful lady who is presently working in an american IT firm as a IT specialist says: that while doing scarf its like having recognition. I feel more confidence and power within myself.Another woman says that I love fashion and still I am, but Hijab has given elegance in my style, what I was lacking before and I always felt that. Now in crowd even, I feel myself so differnt and special.
Similary such kind of surveys were conducted on internet, and there, when women were asked whey they start wearing scarf, some of the answers are as under;
It boost confidence, and automatically creates respect for myself. It was so surprising to note that non muslims even participated in the survey.Tena who is catholic christian and by profession is an engineer wear scarf. She explains that it gives her contentment, and feeling of peace.
Although scarf was initially a symbol of religious attachment but with the pessage of time, it has become part of glamour and fashion. Nowadays, even in functions and wedding parties, girls prefer to wear their shawl in style of scarf. In College and university girls also, it is becoming more and more popular.


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