Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ather Jamal

A Tribute to my most favorite Teacher

“Every artist has his favorite medium. I feel that I can express myself with ease through water colors even though it’s a difficult medium in more ways than one”, says Ather Jamal, in an interview.

Back to late 80’s, at my first day of Art Institute, I saw a dark, handsome man with spectacles and moustache; I came to know later that he is teacher of Design department. After many days I saw my class mates were gathered around him and he was giving them tips to improve their Fine Art. Amazing! Being a new comer I found this very interesting…That is my dearest teacher Sir Ather Jamal, My inspiration and my ideal who guided me four years and showed thousands of students the way. The way I followed when I started my teaching career, Sir Ather never say no to his students, we totally mesmerized when his artistic hands were dancing on paper with various medias. He can create any colorful image in few minutes. I still wish I can be a great artist like him. Oh I just wish…

The beautiful work of Ather Jamal in water color Media


  1. Athar Jamal, sketched in the book Aspects of Art by Marjorie Husain..No doubt AJ is a great artist

  2. Love his work...
    Is it possible to buy a piece?
    I live in the U.S


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