Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pakistani Craft

Pakistan Onyx Marble is the leading Onyx, Marble among whole world and known as the best quality in all. There are some vital granite and sandstone processing and exporting companies in Pakistan. In past few years, Pakistan known as the best onyx producing country in the world and market with continued efforts for utmost quality and achievement. Onyx tiles, mosaics, sinks, tubs, slabs, vanities, are our major products. Pakistan also produce Dark green onyx, Green onyx, Light green onyx, White onyx, multi green onyx, red onyx, brown/golden onyx.


Natural stones of Pakistan are recognized worldwide as most excellent in quality, diversity and color. Here Marble, Sand Stone and Onyx are originated in elite colors and shades which are non extant in other regions of the world.


 We use up-to-the-minute techniques for producing and dispensation marble, sand stones, onyx which has resulted in enhanced quality we are getting appreciation in the world market.

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