Monday, July 19, 2010

Taare Zameen Per

Story of Indian Super Hit Movie Taarey Zaeem is based on an 8 years old by Eshan Awasti who lives in his color full thought and finds it difficult to adjust himself with fast moving robotic world. Every thing seems not to be right for him, from parents to teachers who always scold him for his inability to move along with his young class fellows. His parents decide to send him to boarding school results in a worst nightmare for him until his new Drawing teacher comes and tries to read his thoughts.

Unlike other teachers, the new art teacher (Aamir Khan) asks his students to break all the rules and draw whatever they want, whatever they dream, they think or imagine. With the passage of time, Aamir khans discovers the real problem of Ishan Awasit and tries to help him to get over it.

In movie at different scenes Amir khan’s arguments are source of inspirations for teachers and parents who impose their choice of profession or selection of subjects on their children.

Direction, Story, lyrics, dialogues, songs or even graphical work of the movie is such a nice piece of art that it has enabled the movie to win awards for every thing. That is why we see a growing number of fans list on different forums for Taare Zamee Per, one example is a facebook group “Yes I did have tears in my eyes while watching Taare Zamee Per”

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