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My journey of Art begun when I was hardly two years old. Since that time, I'm drawing faces just human faces and I specially focused on eyes…I still think one can not hide his/ her emotions and expressions, eyes unveiled all.

I never wanted to go in any school, specially where Art is the primary subject. After completing my high school education I start searching Art education, although throughout my school education I emphasize on Art and only Art! At that time there were only two Art institutions in the city. I was amazed that a bachelor lady Ms. Rabia Zubairi was running the Art institution all alone successfully.

As I was a very good student of Art and had strong inspirational way and guidance from my teachers, after completing my Art course, I also finished my other studies I tried to join National College of Art (N.C.A) for Fine Art degree, but unfortunately I failed to chase my dreams.

Time passes with lot of experiences while doing several jobs as teacher of Fine Art, field Design and Paper, Print media I came to concluded the plan about my own Art school. Living in Pakistan is not an easy task at all. If you are a Pakistani you have to jump on each and every hurdle in the whole day. Whole day is like a fighting for self rights and liberty. I tried to run an Art school back in 97 by myself, (named Vijdan Institute of Art), but after four years of working so hard, forgetting about day and night I came to know there is no cure of being an stupidly honest person.

I and my fellow teachers conducted over 50 workshops of Art, Design, Sculpture, Ceramics and Craft with the highest level of sincerity and honesty, I attended all of them but in the end result we came to know giving education is like doing any business, but to me it is more like passion and enthusiasm.

 In 2008, I experienced a physical disaster and after that I came to know that  I cannot walk easily and even cannot live the same active life which I was use to of it. So I started writing stuff and online art and design stuff and now I simply like to write…I like to share the journey of Art which based on about 20 years of exploration and study of not only about Art but about human behavior, success and failures also happiness and pain. I'm still a traveler! Want to join me?

Arte` (Uzma Farooqui (artistpakistan@gmail.com)  the Author of this blog)
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  1. Wow, just googled on this blog while searching for some shops which sell decent artwork at not so high prices. Your life story is amazing and inspiring at the same time. I feel really good to read about people in Pak who not only dare to dream different but go after them as well. Succeeding or not is a different story, the most important thing is that you gave it a shot. Not really an easy thing to do in our country.

  2. where the e-mail?

    I would send drawings.
    My e-mail:veresanett8@gmail.com

  3. Good work Uzma. How can i show you my paintings to you. What is your e-mail address ?

  4. Very good job Uzma. I like to show you my paintings to you but how can i do this. What is your e-mail address. Imran Zaib

    1. My i.d at google iz:
      Thnx for appreciations

  5. hello sir,
    i want to add my art page link at your blog
    can it possible?
    reply me at:
    I am an ardent art lover.

  6. Hello. I love your vision and commitment to what you love and value. Your fiverr work is beautiful as well. Thank you.


  7. salam ,i am the promoter of oriental art and craft,proprioter of Bushra's classic i want to add my art page link at your blog
    can it possible?
    reply me at: pbmm_z@yahoo.com

  8. Ma`m..I could not see your paintings at your blog..Please send me the weblink..i saw your facebook portfolio that was amazing.....
    great ork

  9. Salam mam
    kindly tell me i want to exhibit my products, is there any upcoming handicrafts exhibition in lahore?

    and i also want to add my handicrafts page on ur blog..


    here's the link
    waiting for ur reply..

  10. Your page is highly impressive and informative I learnt so many new things from your blog..

  11. Are you the owner of this picture, Girl in Window. If so I am seeking to use it on the internet and wondering about rights etc. I can be reached on suz2444 at yahooo.com

    If you are not the owner perhaps someone can tell me who is so that I can purchase the use of it.

    Thank you,


  12. I want Pottery Artist to produce Replica, I will send photo for producing it
    both Clay and Blue Pottery



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