Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calligraphy Artist Aslam Kamal

In revolutionizing process of Calligraphy art in Pakistan , the name we hear after Sadqain is Aslam Kamal. Aslam Kamal's calligraphic paintings, have won appreciation not only in Pakistan but internationally as well.

Alongwith Calligraphy Art, Aslam Kamal is also good novelist, poet and travel books writer. He is also expert on Iqbal Poetry and has worked as Director Program in Awan-e-Iqbal until end of December 2009. Painting book cover is one his favorites. More than twenty thousand book covers he has designed which is a world record. His unique writing style of urdu is known as Khat-e-Kamal and is quite popular font for Urdu Composers.

He is awarded Presidential Award for Pride of Performance, Gold Medal by Punjab University Culture Society, Best Illustrator of books Award, Best Dust-Cover Designer Award.

His paintings are exhibited in different exhibitions in Sweden , Denmark , Germany , England , Malaysia , Canada & Mauritius .

Abuot Asalm Kamal, German Orientalist Dr. Annemarie Schimmel says:

"the unique combination of form, meaning and sense of colour, along with an apparently inexhaustible inventiveness and deep respect for the message of the sacred word that is found in his work. The words of Allama Iqbal, are illustrated in Aslam Kamal's geometrically based style and thus convey the powerful yet poetical message of the great philosopher-poet of Pakistan in a very novel way.”

Archaeologist, Dr. Saifur Rahman Dar say:

“In the calligraphic paintings of Aslam Kamal the pictorial Islands ascend from earth towards heaven like blissful prayers and decent from heaven earthwards in the form of revelations.”

Yaqoob Zaki of Islamic Culture Centre, London, says;

“The revolutionary change which Aslam Kamal has contributed to the art of calligraphy is not only re-shaping of letters but also the reconstruction of more real relationship among letters providing tremendous capacity for dramatic action of colours and contours.”

Few of his famous books are;


A collection of Aslam Kamal's paintings and drawings of the poetry of Allama Iqbal.

Kitab Ka Awleen Taruf

Development of Book-Dust-Cover is perhaps the first and only book so for written on this subject.

Islami Khattati

A history book of development in the field of Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan .

Lahore Sey Cheen Tek

A travelogue of China

Qalm o Qalam Sey

A Collection of columns written by Aslam Kamal in Daily News Papers.

Aslam Kamal Oslo Mey

A travelogue of Oslo, Norway, a book which was presented to King Olan V of Norway, as a gift by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Govt. of Pakistan in 1992.
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