Sunday, August 22, 2010

Astonishing Make-over by Hollywood’s Alexis Vogel

Alexis has worked with them all...

These day’s “Hottest Celebrities” need Alexis to transform their casual looks into extraordinary and most astounding appearance. Alexis has been doing makeup for the past 22 years, she serves;

• Television,

• Movies,
• Videos,

 Print (magazines, billboards, etc.).

She has worked on innumerable superstar and celebrities, from the peak super models to the most famed and fascinating of actors and actresses. In April 2003, Alexis went to Europe to work on Shakira's Tour of the Mongoose. Alexis also went to Australia to do Pamela Anderson's makeup for the 2002 Warner Bros. movie Scooby Doo. She is one of the greatest in Hollywood, in the world for that stuff. Striking beauties like Carmen Electra, Bo Derek, and Paula Abdul all talk wildly, "There's no one like Alexis!"

                                 Her Clients and Friends

Her ExtraOrdinary Make-over

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