Friday, August 13, 2010

Miraculous Blue Pottery from Pakistan

Hala Pottery

Hala (Sindhi: هـالا) is a famous town in the Pakistani province of Sindh.

Historical Background

Hala Taluka encompasses one Taluka Municipal Administration. Taluka Hala is situated at left bank of Indus River. The population of reconstituted Taluka Hala is 1, 61,980 as per census of 2000. Hala is one of;

 • Historical,

• Literary,

• Religious, and

• Spiritual town of Sindh.

This town is also well-known through the subcontinent in

• Art,

• Pottery,

• Wood work,

• Cloth printing,

• Woven cloth called Sussi in various beautiful designs and

• Khaddar made of hand made khaddi.

Poor Magical hands of Ceramists:

The poor potters of Pakistan are one of the mainly neglected categories of Artists in the country. These ones can amazed apparently the well-off communities of the country had ever visited their potteries earlier than ever...

The Blue Toned beautiful Pottery of Hala, Sindh, Pakistan.

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