Monday, August 9, 2010

Paintings exhibition To Support Al Shifa Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.

The Pakistan Futuristic Foundation and Institute is exhibiting 42 paintings, a collection opened for those who wish to support restitution of impaired sight. Inceom from all 42 paintings will be given as charity to Al-Shifa Eye Hospital , Rawalpindi .

The exhibition, opened at FFI premises in sector F-7/1, has been an collection of art work, with single contribution by many painters of Rawalpindi and Mureee, including famous painter Safi Safdar; Javed Baloch; the late Halida Stewart, former vice-principal of Kinnaird College; Salima Hashmi; Syed Jehangir (a Bengali painter); a still life piece by Saima and an old gramophone record showing the flaming red Krishnachura flower tree, common in Bangladesh.
Main theme running through the collection of paintings was Murree Hills and its tall, fascinating pine trees, showing colour in a variety of ways. From that point of view, these paintings were done by artists when they were still green and lacked maturity in expression. But some of the works, like glaucoma painted by Dr Ikram Azam, were mature enough because colours in them were used from the depth of the heart.

Dr Azam had done the work in memory of his elder sister who lost her sight. She had been diagnosed with AMD (age-related macular degeneration) from which a recovery is impossible. In the same frame, he has painted a dream scene in which eyes and lips were accentuated in relief. Dr Azam is a retired income tax commissioner and an author of 124 or more books, written in English.

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