Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Korean Pottery

It was 10,000 to 6,000 years ago, when the mankind was in progress to make stoneware and trying to use them. In Korea, they have used earthen ware from 7~8,000years ago…it is the New Stone Age, a new start!

From the previous era, they have made earthenware firing temperature at 1,100 degrees, and a few countries like Korea, China and Vietnam can create ceramic in firing temperature at 1,300 degrees. Predominantly Korea and China have formed innovation in beautiful pottery. In 9th century Silla times, they had enormous chance of trade with China and acknowledged manufacturing technology of Celadon.

The Korean ceramic objects, by base of high-quality natural disposition, have clear and attribute; the Korean potters lived in deep niches of mountains and contented to be part of nature, they fell they are one with nature. They find the exquisiteness in light colors and liberal molding. They accomplished characteristic pottery arts in this beauty.



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  1. I have a Korean tea service from my great-grandmother with KOREA and another words stamed on the bottom. Please can you tell me anything about it and what is it made of? Thanks
    pictures HERE


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