Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sculptures of Amin Gulgee

Amin Gulgee’s premium collection yet, the work metal inlaid with quartz crystals, is less agitated than previous works. There is more “Zen” apparent in the forms, the spiritual essence is the guiding principal of the display. When admired Gulgee, his response was; It is closer to the spirit of Ikebana than Ikebana.

Amin explains that he is trying to free calligraphy from the act of writing in order to focus on the beauty of the form. A sculpture rendered in cursive script transcribed the Surah Rehman. The delicately worked silver plated metal, densely filled with quartz crystal pieces shone. Each crystal fragment cut and carefully assembled into the whole. Amin has said that his work is about light and dance…. Not about the motion of the physical body, but of the spiritual being. It is the whirl of a suif dervish who connects with the Almighty through love.

The artist pays great attention to his favorite materials, whether bronze, metal or minerals. He explores their aesthetic properties with respect but without accepting limitations. This clarify of perception is evident, the graceful forms manipulated from metal are wrought using diverse techniques.

Each creation assimilating a composite of traditional symbols and modern ethos. For ten years Amin Guljee has struggled with aesthetic problems of working with metal. His sculptural references were personal, related to childhood memories of artwork lying in his father’s house and intricate history of the subcontinent. Of late his work has become more questing, gracefully moulded leaves address the process of nature which is Amin’s word “ A system of the interrelationship of pure form.”




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