Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blind Artist Lisa Fittipaldi

Look at colorful paintings of Lisa Fittipaldi, no one can believe that she is blind. She started painting in 1995 but her vision was constantly dropping down and after two years she was completely blind. Its simply beyond imagination that in a short period of two years, she integrate herself with this new phase of life full of darkness. First, she started painting utilizing her past memories, which worked for her imaginary nourishment. In normal circumstance, brain needs, visualization and if it stops, things will fade away. After becoming blind, to keep her inner world alive, she started listening audio tapes, traveled with her husband to visit the museums around the world. For tackling hurdle of blindness, she experiments on different mediums.

Lisa describes her way of painting as;

The images in my mind's eye became clearer as my sight diminished. Now, by hearing or experiencing something, I can picture it in my head and paint it."

Along with painting, Fittipaldi is also writer of famous books that have been published in Spanish, Turkish, German as well as English.

"A Brush with Darkness"

This book is Lisa's own fascinating story of losing her vision because of a vascular disease, and how she overcome her blindness while learning to paint.

The Art of Living Aboard a Boat"
Covers essential live aboard and cruising topics from selection to purchasing, shakedown cruises to long distance preparation, local lifestyles to high sea adventures.

"World Road Trips, PANAMA"

Lisa has traveled to more than 100 countries in the world, and Panama reflects her fair-minded thoughts and unique perspective. The book is full of history and traditions.

Lisa is also running a foundation which provides special computer technology to blind and deaf children.

You will simply run out of words, while saying something for her. She is absolutely amazing artist and human being.

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