Sunday, July 4, 2010


Every body talk about Art, Art is this Art is that...History of Art, the Elements, the old Masters blah blah blah but since I was only two, I started my very first linear drawing by making human faces, and to me Art is what your heart says, your mind guides and your inner vision shows and your hands obeys...
As because I always liked human faces, I still enjoy to make Eye based designs and Images because;

Your eyes are like windows,

The windows in that you can travel through them and see in any one's soul...
From your own inner eye,
Exploring and knowing,
Understanding the efforts and pain,
Also some hidden part of the personality.
Being an Art teacher and writer now I took Art as complete madness, artists are mostly trying to prove something to world by communicating through the oldest source of communication that is Art.
When I was a beginner in Art school, most of the time I felt how can I take out all the imaginations and visions inside me? In beginning mostly student get depressed because they have no control on what they want to execute. What they are watching other good students, their teachers and rest of the world is doing but they can't. This situation sometimes get them in depression and they start to thinking about quit. But if we all quit who will artists of new era?


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