Friday, July 23, 2010

Aamir Khan an innovative legendry icon

Aamir Khan (Urdu: عامر خان, Hindi: आमिर ख़ान, born Aamir Hussain Khan on 14 March 1965) is an Indian film actor, director and producer. Indian film industry should be proud to have an extra ordinarily creative person among them.

“Aamir Khan refuses to be bound by conventions. In his forthcoming film, 3 Idiots, the 44-year-old plays a 20-year-old engineering student. Not surprising, as he is one Bollywood actor who believes in taking up challenges, on screen and off it”. A newspaper state!

Aamir stated about politics;

“I have no political aspirations. Politics doesn’t excite me. What excites me is the creative work I do. Story-telling excites me; making people laugh and cry excites me. Being a creative person who is concerned about society, I feel I can contribute a lot to the society through my own profession. Through my professional I can inspire, I can heal, I can influence thought processes”.

What are you reading these days Aamir?

“I’m reading the third book of the Millennium Series — the Girl who kicked the Hornets’ Nest. It is a crime thriller written by the Swedish writer Stieg Larrson who died before his series got published”.

To me Aamir not produce movies he paints a super concept of him...he convey always some brilliant idea, whole nation start to think about it, discussion starts, till people are only trying to understand what he presented, he, jumped to another marvellous concept!
In his movie 3idiots he played role of 20 year college student when he is actually 44 year old. I watched this movie 6 times, not in a single scene he seems older to me neither I lose my concentration.
We are looking forward for more marvellous movies Aamir!

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