Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chiniot - Historical City of Handicraft Experts

Chiniot is situated near river of Chanab and is considered to be historical city of Punjab Pakistan. Since, its on the way of Darra-e-Khyber towards Delhi, it had strategic and military importance as well. According to local people of Chiniot, their city name exist in the hindu religious books like Rig Weed and Ramayin where name of the city is mentioned as Chunni Watt which people think that it is chiniot.

According to local guide and historians, Chundergupt Moria the famous politician and philosopher Pundit Kotlia Chankia were also born in this city. But aprt of all these references Chiniot details are also available in Alberoni's famous book "Al Hind" and Mughal Emperor Babar's book "Tuzuk Babri". Hakim Alim din of Jahangir's era was also from Chiniot who built the most famous mosque Mosque Wazir Khan.Tourism department told us that there is a Umer Hayat Palace in Chiniot which is considered to be Taj mahal of Chiniot.These days, Chiniot is known and famous for beautiful art work on Wood and Brass. Furniture and artistic work on brass pots are unique. Large number of carpenters and brass work experts in this city are not less than artists. Mostly skills and art is transferred from father to son and things made by them are exported to all around the world at high prices.

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