Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketching Tutorial 1

The Pencil First!

Mostly pencil drawing has always a preference as starting the Sketching. There are many pencils are available in good stationary outlets. You better start purchasing by whole range. I have a tendency to use 3 main grades of graphite;

F (fine and hard) to stimulate the basis of the subject,

2B (black, soft), to begin shading no matter in detail or not

6B (dark black, extremely soft) to affix depth and contrast.

The softer the pencil the easy way to smear and bring result of as per my requirement! These are blacker that it helps me to bring depth in my work. You can buy tins or sets of drawing pencils sensibly cheap till remarkably expensive from any art store for 8 pencils from Derwent, different levels of H2 (hard), F, HB, B, B2, B4, B6 and B9. But there is no comparison of my good old HB. You can find bit hard results from HB especially good in producing wooden effects.

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