Sunday, July 9, 2017

ORIGAMI workshop

Premier origami artist of Pakistan, Imtiaz Razvi & his trained team invite you to an exciting fun filled two day Origami workshop on the weekend of 22 and 23 July
Participants will be able to view an exhibition of amazing origami models. You will guided through the basics and then gradually develop your skills to be able to fold a delicate butterfly, stunning tulips, Sesame Street Big Bird and a dark more!

There will also be an opportunity at the end of the workshop to have your photo taken with your folded models
What’s more we are throwing in complimentary lunch on both days.
All this for just Rs 2000!
Contact: 0321 5797380

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Drawings and Paintings of Eqbal Mehdi

Eqbal was born in a small town, Amroha India on 1st April 1946,. He grew up in a family intensely deep-rooted in the arts, Eqbal had a love for drawing from his father, Syed Mir. When he was at the age of 8, he drew a picture on a wall with a piece of charcoal, stolen from his mother's stove. During moharram, he used to create small masterpieces on the white washed walls of Amroha's Imam Bargah with charcoal. Since this early age, Eqbal's overwhelming drive to externalize his inner frenzy can only be linked to an all encompassing obsession. One day, while bound for a cricket match, eqbal encountered a carpter-weaver, who observed the fine drawing of deer in his hand. A price of 2 annas was agreed upon and Eqbal made his very first un official sale, Like a bullet, the lad dashed to purchase eight sheets of drawing paper with the money. At this age, Eqbal discovered what was to later become the mainstay of his existence.

As time went by, it became visibly apparent to the young artist that art was his vocation in life, a domain where he could find peace and solace. Eqbal chose to move to Karachi Pakistan. While staying with his uncle, he traveled to Iran and met a gentleman lala rasheed, who on meeting Eqbal, right away saw his talent and took him in and became his patron for the next two years. During this period, the artist recalls, he may have stepped out barely four or five times since he was totally consumed by his work, which he executed with a favour and zeal never experienced by him before.

Nigar Nazar, Pakistan's First Lady Cartoonist

A Blast from Past!

A “Caricature” is a pictorial representation of a person, which exaggerates his characteristic traits for comic effect…this, is simple definition about caricature but when cartooning any character becomes serving your Nation, highlighting social and political issues, the name always blinked in mind of Nigar Nazar! She created a marvelous character of a teen girl and named her Gogi!

Nigar Nazar, the first woman cartoonist of Pakistan and conceivably the whole Muslim world, has for over 30 years rendered pictorial humor with a down to earth pragmatism. These highly expressive cartoons have provided cheer to gloomy days and attempt to beat the hypocrisy of society. This amazing cartoon character born in the ’70s from Nazar’s pen, the ageless Gogi has done the rounds of newspapers, magazines and TV channels in Pakistan and abroad. Nazar explains her as the representation of the open-minded, energetic and adventurous Pakistani woman who declined to kowtow to power and finds humor in the extremely trying of situations,

Tajima Releases New TFGS Series Shuttle Hook Embroidery Machine

Shuttle Hook embroidery machine, newly developed can embroider not only using normal embroidery thread, but also using soft twist thread for emb lace or thicker thread etc which have been considered as unsuitable for embroidery machines, so it made possible to use a variety of materials. Also, it can use a wide variety of threads at once, by taking advantage of multi-needle characteristics.  In addition to it, it can use from thinner materials to thicker materials flexibly.

Children Drawing Competition 2010 - By Look & Learn UK

The closing date is 31st October 2010.
Lerwill Publishing in collaboration with Look and Learn has launched a children's drawing competition. Event is also linked with celebrating the launch of The Vegetable Patch (Farmer Tim Stories) book. The subject of the competition is fantasy garden. The winning entrants win cash prizes for themselves and their school library.
Participants can use pencil, crayon, coloured pencil, ink, markers, pastels, or paint on paper or card. For each age group there are prizes for the best three competition entries, with a total prize fund of GBP £240.

For Participant in each age group :

First prize £35

Second prize £25

Third prize £20

This competition is open to children in the age groups (0-7, 8-11, and 12-18). There are prizes for the best three competition entries in each age group. For full details on competition rules please go to

• All entries will be placed into a permanent online gallery

• Free personalised participation certificates

• Open to both teachers and families

Each child needs to be registered on the Look and Learn website to participate please click here for further competition details.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Charcoal Drawings of Raja Changez Sultan

Raja Changez Sultan’s paintings and drawings exhibition was opened on Thursday at the Tanzara Gallery. Sultan exhibited his work including the charcoal drawing, & “Himalayan Odyssey” series. In his charcoal drawings, Sultan explores the effects of light on dark exteriors, producing different pattern and textures. His exceptional style invokes living forms with glittering areas of light emerging from within the surface of the work. In the process he discovers a magic world of seemingly moonlit naiads, evoking myths of ancient sirens and luring unsuspecting viewers to an unknown dimension. There is an element of timelessness about his work, a serenity that is all pervasive.

Sultan appears to have encapsulated light and suggests that beyond the mountains one will discover the legendary Shangri-La. Women in these paintings are shown in a fusion of colours, with vague body contours and profiles.

Mashkoor Raza Pakistan’s Famous Artist (Master of Distorted Art)

Mashkoor Raza, an inexhaustible and creative artist who like to paints horses and women a lot and once a senior artist told me “The artist who is capable to draw and paint “A Horse” with its right proportion, and anatomy is a true and qualified Artist”, he is also a well-known and time-honored Figurative Abstract, Non-representational Abstract and Calligraphy painter . He is master in creating transparency with basic forms of square, circle and triangles on his canvases, merging along abstract images of woman and horse, he conveys his messages, concepts by showing versatility of treating his theme, paints, and comprise according to his inner vision. I was Sir Mashkoor Raza’s student back in early 90’s…while watching him working we all students felt mesmerized by watching the way he is handling all the tools specifically while painting!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Realist Paintings by Akram Spaul

It seems at the ordinary when Akram Spaul brings in his still life oil paintings, a piece of furniture, a garden, washing area; infusing detail that brings it to life and brings our own routine activities into focus with stunning beauty. No doubt he is a classic super realist painter. Akram Spaul paints with delicate life like detail that explores his subject matter to life. His recent realistic oil paintings have taken him in surrealist region. Using the same modus operandi he adds components on to some canvases, like silent characters or wind, which put surrealistic gloominess to his works. However his main focus area remains a festivity of objects and achievements that define our daily lives. By recreating them in masterful technique, he gives them humor and three-dimensional vitality, reminding the viewers of objects that connect with moments in their own lives.

Spaul has distinctly various techniques and on the surface, very different subject matter. Their similarity lies ironically in their differences: the first purposely makes us think and question the choices we have taken as a society by recreating memories. The second recreates objects and activities that inadvertently meanders us through our individual memories.

Why don’t you Google it?

I don’t know what this Google is! What if someone replied when you are trying to say something about world of internet? You think that person is kidding or might belong to some darkest part of this world…

How it is possible in the world of today that one shouldn’t know about Google? Even my little son knows when he asks Mama! Where does the Panda lives? I replied, dear why don’t you Google it out? And he satisfied because he knows he will get complete knowledge about his question and other queries.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abdul Rehman Chughtai & His Paintings

Abdur Rehman Chughtai was born on the 21st of September 1899 in the historical city of Lahore. He spent his childhood in at Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran of Lahore. He was from a well reputed family which for generations has produced engineers, architects, painters and designers.

He completed his early education at the Chiney-Wali mosque in Lahore and then took admission in the Technical Railway School. Chugtai went on to study both in the sub-continent and abroad. He also studied at the well known Mayo School of Art, Lahore which is now known as the National College of Arts. His individual style was formed in the years before 1947, so the main body of his work was produced before Pakistan was born: Persian and Mongol Traditional Style. At Lahore's Mayo School of Art, Chughtai emphasized crafts more than art. He did not stay there very long and started learning on his own, concentrating on the traditional methods and techniques of Mongol artists. Then, he moved on to Calcutta and worked there foe several years, painting in Bengal School Style. He also studied under Abanindranath Tagore and Printmaking in London. He was also Head-instructor in Chromo-Lithography at the Mayo School of Art, Lahore.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pop Star Ali Zafar Picks Up the Brush after 7 Years for Flood Victims

The alumni association of the College of Art and Design is arranging a national exhibition of paintings and graphic arts at the Alhamra Art Galleries in Lahore on September 20, featuring over a hundred Pakistani artists, including Anna Molka Ahmad, Saeed Akhtar, Dr Rahat Naveed and Salima Hashmi. The income will be utilized for the rehabilitation of people affected by the recent deadliest floods in Pakistan. The exhibition will travel to other cities like Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi.

In this elite crowd of famous artists, is Zafar and his son. Ali Zafar, who debuted in Tere Bin Laden, has been pianting since he was a child and has a degree in fine arts. At 18, he started doing 20-minute charcoal portraits in a hotel lobby. He sold them for Rs 500 a piece to raise money for his music albums and videos.
Tere Bin LadenTitanic had just released. Some women would hint for a painting like the one Leonardo DiCaprio makes for Kate Winslet. One of them was his wife, whom he later painted in acrylic.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Young Illustrator Awards 2010

Be part of Illustrative in Berlin!

Applications for Illustrative 2011 can now be submitted.
Last date of Submission : 22nd October 2010
The 6th Illustrative- international festival for graphic arts and contemporary illustration, will take place in Berlin in May 2011. Artists from all over the world can now apply for the competition. Until October 22nd, 2010 they can submit their art works to participate in Swatch Young Illustrators Award. On November 5th, 2010 the nominees will be awarded in advance and invited to the “Illustrators Night”, a celebration at Direktorenhaus in Berlin. The Swatch Young Illustrators Award is an unique competition awarding creativity and innovation in personal contemporary illustration and graphics. The award encourages and supports designers in their artistic practice and offers an international and worldwide recognized platform for them.

Nusra Latif's Miniature and Mughal Art Paintings

Pakistani Artist Nusra Latif Qureshi has worked on large number of paintings where in Mughal era is her subject. In response to a question, she explains that she uses Mughal Characters for commenting on political and historical events and issues. In one of her painting she indicate a sign towards British Viceroy and then Iraq ’s present condition. Politics and fudal system are also her main subjects. Once she was asked that in many of her paintings, mughal rualars are shown as having love affairs. In response she explains that the relationship between men and women in those paintings are like political relation which is like Power Play of todays politics. She has researched on British era of sub continent, that what we lost and what we achieved. She says, the things we lost, are our culture, heritage, our clothes even our land and all of it, is available in her painting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010

It's gonna be a beautiful night...

You got your world together,

Everything's lookin' alright...

Tonight there's no tomorrow,

This is gonna be the one...

Tonight we're gonna lose our sorrow,

Tonight we're gonna have some fun…

Yes it is a beautiful night when stars are dazzling on the planet “Earth”…

IGATEX Pakistan 2010

IGATEX Pakistan 2010 will be the first Textile Exhibition in Lahore . It would be a professionally elevating event for textile machinery manufacturers, providing them a platform to directly market their equipment to quality buyers and decision makers in an exceeding competitive global business environment. The show will include working and stand alone demonstrations of various cutting edge Textile industry tools and technology.
Venue: Expo Lahore
1-A, Johar Town , Shahrah-E-Expo, Lahore , Pakistan
Tel: 111-092-042
Organizer: Cems Pakistan Pvt Ltd.
Co Organizer: Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tourist (2010)

$70 million Budget Film!

An American tourist (Johnny Depp) is used by an English woman (Angelina Jolie) in a stab to swill out a criminal with whom she once had a romantic concern.
"It's a love story, that's for sure”… Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the director of the film was saying in an interview: “Imagine a woman who is just so elegant and sophisticated and educated and has lived in that world and now, through a whole set of circumstances, suddenly falls in love with a guy who is not any of those things, and it just somehow confuses her whole world because that was not meant to happen. She had it all worked out, she had this grand master plan, and neither he nor she had thought it possible that they would fall in love with each other. I have to keep the real details a secret otherwise you won't have any fun seeing it."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We did it yeah

Dora the Explorer is celebrating its 10th birthday!

In admiration of her big day, Nickelodeon is inaugurating 12 celebrity-designed backpacks in the windows of Macy’s Herald Square in New York City.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hijab and Scarf becoming Popular in Girls

Recently one English daily newspaper conducted a survey on Hijab and scarf. This survey was conducted among those ladies who are mostly highly educated and are presently working as professionals in their respective fields. Survey was quite interesting. When question was raised why they do Scarf or Hijab or under what circumstance they started doing scarf. Some of the answers are as below;

Painting of Benazir Bhutto By Rizwan Ali Umrani

An artist from Sindh Pakistan , recalls eve of 27th December, when major cities of Pakistan were bleeding and burning after Muhterma Benazir Bhutto’s Killing in a suicide attack. Rizwan is an abstract artist, painted a picture where red colors were dominating and through lines the face which came up was Benazir Bhutto Pakistan . Rizwan has made his own gallery in the memory of his mother and says that he usually does not make portraits, but this exceptional painting he did not make intentionally. According to him, images of Benazir Bhutto were stored in his unconscious.

Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary 2010

The deadline for applications is Monday 4th October 2010

Entry Fee: Free Student Fee: Free
Artists are required to enter online and complete the online Application Form and submit it with:
Images of 3 artworks. Images must not be larger than 500kb each. All submitted artworks must be available for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition (11– 21 November 2010 ) and to be delivered to the Mall Galleries on 4 November 2010 .

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saeed Akhtar - A Legend of Pakistan

Saeed Akhtar is one of those legendry artists of Pakistan whose names are not less than icon in Art Industry. His paintings are like mirror where you can easily see, his years of tireless efforts. His works convey a philosophical deepness and charisma, which can be achieved in Art industry after burning midnight oil. We can simply compare his art work with other legendary artists like Gulgee and Jameel Naqsh.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Angelina Jolie A Kind Hearted Hollywood Celebrity

Angelina Jolie has issued an appeal for public to more support for the millions of sufferers of Pakistan’s distressing and dreadful floods. 'One-fifth of Pakistan is now under deadly water and the intimidations and hazards of several diseases now emerge for 20 million affected people,' the famous Oscar-winning actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador give details.
'This is not only a charitable crisis; it is an economic and social devastation. UNHCR is on the ground. The maximum support we can give, the larger number of tents, food, clean water and medicine will get to the people in require.' Angelina Jolie has visited Pakistan three times since 2001 and only just made a personal donation of $100,000 to the cause. 

Art Exhibition in Lahore To Raise Funds For Flood Affectees

Venue: Alhamra Arts Council - The Mall / Lahore (map)
Time: 11:00 AM     E-mail a Friend
From Sat, 04 Sep 2010 To Fri, 10 Sep 2010
An exhibition of artworks by over 100 artists to raise funds for the affectees of the recent floods in Pakistan, is scheduled to be held from Sep 4, 2010 to Sep 10, 2010.  According to Sanjh Spokesperson 100% of proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to the flood relief effort fund of Pakistan Red Crescent Society. The prices of artworks are reduced by 60 percent (or more). They have also invited Collectors and Art Enthusiasts for worthwhile acquisitions. ‘Sanjh’ is a collective effort of artists to raise funds for relief of flood affectees, initiated by Zahraa Assad Saifullah and Zahra Mirza of RetroArts in collaboration with Foaad Nizam of Art Website Danka and Visual Artists, Imran Ahmed Khan, Sajjad Ahmed and Usman Saeed.

Amazing Akiane's sketches at age of 4

Akiane started sketching when she was just 4 years old. She sketched hundreds of figures and portraits on whatever material or place she found, including windows, walls, books, furniture etc. She drew different posture from her imagination and inspiration. Sometimes she used to draw while keeping her eyes closed. Akiane was greatly inspired by faces, and she used to sit and focus on drawing, erasing and shading different features and emotions in detail again and again. In the beginning when started doing drawing on walls and was scolded by her parents, she changed the canvas from walls to Bottom of the tables so that no one disturbs her. 2nd phase was the time, when she started doing portrait sketches on wall, of her family, her friends and faces that she saw in her dreams. At this point she didn't work with colors, she asked only for lead pencils and charcoal.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hiroshima Paintings Exhibition at Brunei Gallery Aug-Oct 2010

The Light - Portraits of the 'Hibakusha'

Aug 06, 2010 To Oct 08, 2010

Brunei Gallery, SOAS Thornhaugh Street , Russell Square , London , United Kingdom

At 00.15am on the 6th August 2010 in London, when this exhibition was started, 65 years back, at 08.15am it was Hiroshima when Little Boy’ was dropped. The exhibition of the 65 Hibakusha portrait paintings are displayed and it will last for 65 days, one for each year since the bombs were dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All paintings have detailed description of each subject’s unforgettable recollection of exactly how they were able to survive and be found after the bombing.