Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nusra Latif's Miniature and Mughal Art Paintings

Pakistani Artist Nusra Latif Qureshi has worked on large number of paintings where in Mughal era is her subject. In response to a question, she explains that she uses Mughal Characters for commenting on political and historical events and issues. In one of her painting she indicate a sign towards British Viceroy and then Iraq ’s present condition. Politics and fudal system are also her main subjects. Once she was asked that in many of her paintings, mughal rualars are shown as having love affairs. In response she explains that the relationship between men and women in those paintings are like political relation which is like Power Play of todays politics. She has researched on British era of sub continent, that what we lost and what we achieved. She says, the things we lost, are our culture, heritage, our clothes even our land and all of it, is available in her painting.

She is also among those new miniature artists of National College of Arts, who are using old style of miniature art.
The layers utilized in her work indicate a layering of distinctiveness, to the past where the roots of identity lie and to the present, which marks her movements. She thinks that her presence as a woman, as an Asian, as a Muslim, as a migrant, as an ex-colonised, as a dark skinned individual and as a painter determine the course of images she make.
Nusra was awarded 2002 Julian Burnside award. Her paintings are exhibited at;
Rohtas Art Gallery, Islamabad in 1999, Didrichsenen Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, United Kingdom, Pakistan: Another Vision in 2000, International Arts Center , New Delhi , and Sakshi Gallery, Bombay , India , Khoj in 2001, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia, MFA Residency, Art Omi International Arts Center, New York Artholes Gallery, MelbourneMelbourne, Postcolonial Representations, Spencer Street Art Gallery, Melbourne, First Span Galleries, Melbourne, UMPA, Acquisitive Art Prize, Clear Seeing, Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, Interrogating Diversity, Canvas Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, Altered Perceptions Joshua McClelland Print Room, Around the Miniature in 2002
Bursary & Residency, California, Siddharatha Gallery, Khatmandu, Nepal, Janice Oresman Gallery, Smith College Art Department, North Hampton, Massachusetts, The Fine Art Resource, Berlin, Germany, 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, Contemporary Miniatures: India & Pakistan in 2003, Smith College Museum of Art, North Hampton, Massachusetts,Nusra Latif Qureshi: The Way I Remember Them, curated by Anna Sloan The Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Exotic Bodies, Queensland Art Gallery, South Brisbane, Australia, Miniatures in 2004.

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