Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mashkoor Raza Pakistan’s Famous Artist (Master of Distorted Art)

Mashkoor Raza, an inexhaustible and creative artist who like to paints horses and women a lot and once a senior artist told me “The artist who is capable to draw and paint “A Horse” with its right proportion, and anatomy is a true and qualified Artist”, he is also a well-known and time-honored Figurative Abstract, Non-representational Abstract and Calligraphy painter . He is master in creating transparency with basic forms of square, circle and triangles on his canvases, merging along abstract images of woman and horse, he conveys his messages, concepts by showing versatility of treating his theme, paints, and comprise according to his inner vision. I was Sir Mashkoor Raza’s student back in early 90’s…while watching him working we all students felt mesmerized by watching the way he is handling all the tools specifically while painting!
His Calligraphic Art is also outstanding. He likes to remain calm and peaceful with his palette by developing a sense of “The Distant Past”! Even though he is much devoted to his usual palette, on two or three occasions, he was bit violent by use of red mean while use of whites and blending of violets bring the viewer a journey through times. Despite his impulsiveness, Mashkoor Raza capture soul and inner vision of his viewers.



  1. Is there anyone who could give me the prices of thse Pakistani artisan's work. You should add price as well to make people aware of real price.thank you salooothegreat@yahoo.com

  2. check out www.islamicfineartgallery.co.uk

  3. Marvelous paintings by Mashkoor Raza........ Distortion has beauty and MR knows to incorporate it....Love it...

  4. Pakistani artist is the pure artist like they belong from really noble families. I know lots of them. Let me know you wanna meet or book any of them.


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