Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jewellery Designs By Amin Gulgee

Amin Gulgee’s new jewellery collection features metal chockers set with glass and rock crystal, as well as earings, bracelets and other necklaces. The jewellery may well be described as wearable art. Instead of traditional gold and diamond jewellery, new generation of Pakistani women are opting for Amin’s jewellery made from copper and plated in 24 karat gold. While his gold plated leaves strung with black cord have adorned many a graceful neck, other pieces mixed with glass, crystal or semi precious stones reflect the same luminosity as his sculptures.

His jewellery has been used extensively by all of Pakistan’s top fashion designers in their shows, as well as by New York’s Mary Mcfadden, who exclusively used Amin’s pieces in her spring and summer collection and has once again booked him for fall and winter collection. His sculptures have been exhibited across Pakistan and around the world with solo and group shows in Ankara , Los Angeles , London , Washington , Aman, Hong Kong , Dhaka , Paris , Jeddah, Muscat , Riyadh and Dubai .
Perhaps one of his most satisfying experiences was being invited to participate in the Prima Esposizione Internationazionale di Sculpture al Lido in Venice where he was one of twelve sculptors invited to show their work.


  1. Kindly post about Gull Gee........Alas, we missed him...

  2. wow man look at the collection unique designs really love the designs! thanks for sharing such nice designs!
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  3. This is really very informative. Thanks a lot Author for sharing this. I love to wear beautiful Jewellery more I liked best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog , because of every woman's wish to look elegant and attractive.


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