Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tajima Releases New TFGS Series Shuttle Hook Embroidery Machine

Shuttle Hook embroidery machine, newly developed can embroider not only using normal embroidery thread, but also using soft twist thread for emb lace or thicker thread etc which have been considered as unsuitable for embroidery machines, so it made possible to use a variety of materials. Also, it can use a wide variety of threads at once, by taking advantage of multi-needle characteristics.  In addition to it, it can use from thinner materials to thicker materials flexibly.

You can expect unconventional unique expressions of embroidery created by Shuttle Hook Embroidery Machine. It corresponds to each option you can realize wider embroidery expressions. Latest noise reductions developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators. Stitch conditions can be saved in a floppy disk together with embroidery data. The saved stitch conditions are applicable to reproduction or subsequent machine. You can scale your designs down to 50% or upto 200% in increment of 1% and rotate in 1degree increments. A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically and horizontally. The repetition can be set for continuous operation. It can modify, insert or delete your embroidery stitch by stitch. Actual stitch length can be increase or decrease according to the stitch length in a design. Cleanup function is very helpful to automatically remove small stitches to prevent thread breakage effectively. Frame back / frame forward is also available in units of stitches, color change or designated stitch count. The frame can be either manually or automatically returned to the design starting point (while the end point is different from the starting point. Production efficiency has been improved by decreasing downtime caused by color changes, thread trimming etc. Automatic and manual offset function facilitates appliqué fabric placement and frame changing. Design starting point can be easily positioned for placement of embroidery. Automatic Upper and under thread trimming device operates by commands in the design data. You can continue to operate the machine after power failure during embroidery without being annoyed by mis-production due to design displacement.


The device is an exclusive use option for zig zag sewing stitch embroidery to rank up your designs with new materials. Just install to a normal embroidery head and arrange your regular designs with delicate cording embroidery. Rotation of cord coller is controlled in 2 steps according to the stitching direction to stitch embroidered material securely. 3 types of tension springs are provided so that they can be selected depending on the materials, optimizes tension of the material by taking off its excessive slackness. A great variety of materials are available form thin cords upto 3mm dia, sequin cords, fancy yarns or others. Exchange only the bobbins and then material is changed easily. Large bobbins are applied to supply plenty of materials. Applicable models are TFGN Series, TFSN Series, TFMX Series, TFMX-C (single head). Change of embroidered materials will expand your embroidery variations. This device securely fixes the material not only in linear but also delicate curved stitches without missing the target. This device is installable only to Right Side. Embroidery space after installation of the device is reduced by 38mm on either right or left side respectively, by 48mm in the front and 28mm at the rear.


2 kinds of sequins on one side can be interchanged and embroidered at high speeds as desired. This next generation sequin device permits more design options and improves production efficiency. In addition to the TFGN series, it is now installable to the other 3 series of TLMX, and TFMX. More colorful and expressive sequin patterns are applicable on various embroidery designs. High speed operation is available at max of 1000 rpm. A low sequin supply is detected before the reel’s supply of sequins is completely exhausted and the embroidery machine is stopped at that time, thereby preventing out of sequins problems. Stable up/down motion has been achieved through the adoption of a pulse motor and slide screw thus eliminating the need for pneumatic equipment. Moreoever, this mechanism permits 2 step control of the lifter position and saves unnecessary up / down operation thereby improving production efficiency. Switch is mounted to the front side of the device to move the sequin devices up/down individually, providing easy access for adjustment. As a result of reviewing the device structure in a slim body, sequin device III twin type is now installable even to the TFGN series 50 or 56head models with smaller head interval.

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