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Young Illustrator Awards 2010

Be part of Illustrative in Berlin!

Applications for Illustrative 2011 can now be submitted.
Last date of Submission : 22nd October 2010
The 6th Illustrative- international festival for graphic arts and contemporary illustration, will take place in Berlin in May 2011. Artists from all over the world can now apply for the competition. Until October 22nd, 2010 they can submit their art works to participate in Swatch Young Illustrators Award. On November 5th, 2010 the nominees will be awarded in advance and invited to the “Illustrators Night”, a celebration at Direktorenhaus in Berlin. The Swatch Young Illustrators Award is an unique competition awarding creativity and innovation in personal contemporary illustration and graphics. The award encourages and supports designers in their artistic practice and offers an international and worldwide recognized platform for them.
In three categories, illustrative art works, art projects with graphic influences, animations, installations and book art objects qualify for submission. A jury, consisting of international art directors, well-known illustrators and publishers, will nominate artists in each category in October 2010. At Direktorenhaus in Berlin, the “Illustrators Night” will take place on November 5th, where the nominations will be celebrated with an exhibition and a party.

The Swatch Young Illustrators Award offers the winners not only the opportunity to be part of Illustrative in May 2011 in Berlin. Also, there are prizes waiting worth 6.000 Euros, publications and agency agreements as well as the one-time opportunity to design a limited edition for Swatch.

Illustrative is an international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic arts. The exhibition displays an inspiring collection of fresh illustration and graphic art showcasing over 600 works from more than 60 artists. Over the course of two weeks, the festival celebrates the illustrative arts, presents new talents and trends, exchanges ideas, marvels at progressive technologies, and rediscovers forgotten styles.

Furthermore Illustrative yearly assigns awards for excellent illustration and animation projects. With international exhibitions in museums and galleries, Illustrative gives visibility to unconventional and innovative art projects that go beyond the mainstream.

Illustrative does not only show the latest graphic arts’ quality and imagination, but also how visual influences of graphic arts, illustration, book arts, comic, concept art or animated graphics are breaking into and have an impact on the field of art.

Since its inception in 2006, Illustrative has been taking place once in Paris (2007), once in Zurich (2008), and three times in Berlin (2006/2007/2009). In order to ensure that the exhibition meets the contemporary pulse, all art works are reviewed by a curatorial committee under the direction of Berlin based curator Pascal Johanssen. As an independent non-profit organization, Illustrative is also the publisher of the art magazine “Objects: Journal of Applied Arts”, which analyzes innovations in the area of applied arts. Since spring 2010, Illustrative has moved to its headquarters in “Direktorenhaus”, a new art space in Berlin.

Procedure of Submission

1. Registration

In order to submit your work, please login. If you do not have a login yet, register as a new user. To fully register, you will be asked to pay a submission fee of EUR 30 (48 $) for administration purposes. Only on receipt of payment your registration will be completed. Please note that transaction fees must be paid in addition to the submission fee. Please inquire about these fees at your bank or at

2. Personal contact

As soon as you are registered (or anytime before the deadline), you can submit your work for the Swatch Young Illustrators Award and become part of the Illustrative network. One of our team members will contact you after your registration and will remain your personal contact during the course of the competition.

3. Application form

Once logged in you can proceed to the application form. To apply with your art work or project using the online application form, we will need personal information and the name of the category in which you apply. Now you can send your work samples. Please email a PDF with an overall upload limit of 5MB to

Important: Please do not send us original artwork via postal services. If you need to send additional supporting material (CD, DVD) you may post it to:

Illustrative e.V.


Am Krögel 2

10179 Berlin (Germany)

or mail to:

Please consult here before applying.

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