Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saeed Akhtar - A Legend of Pakistan

Saeed Akhtar is one of those legendry artists of Pakistan whose names are not less than icon in Art Industry. His paintings are like mirror where you can easily see, his years of tireless efforts. His works convey a philosophical deepness and charisma, which can be achieved in Art industry after burning midnight oil. We can simply compare his art work with other legendary artists like Gulgee and Jameel Naqsh.

Oil on canvas is Saeed’s favorite medium. His choice of colors, are always vibrant and bold just like his bold brush strokes. Although he is known for Portrait Art, but he also loves to paint his imaginary thoughts. While walking from one side to other if you look at his Horse Painting, you will notice, that variety of colors, are used in such a way, that it integrates as well as reflect, hence creates a majestic impression for the viewer. He has also drawn and old man portrait (self portrait) where you can notice, that he knows the art of playing with lines like a magician.

His strong observation power, and control over his strokes, are crystal clear. While sketching with perfection artist, has the capability to produce new techniques. In his women paintings, he has reflected changing emotions, postures, very beautifully. In some cases, when a woman is dancing, or playing or is in deep though, every aspect and condition he portrays with his own unique style, which creates a long lasting impression for viewer. In some of his paintings, in which women are wearing jewllery, has inspirtation from Rajhistani culture. Jewllery designs in those paintings are so perfect, that jewllers would love to copy.
Saeed Akhtar is also known for his famous Portrait Painting of Qaudi-e-Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah, about which Naazish Ata-Ullah  who is Principal at NCA, says that he was one of the God gifted genius  artists ever produced by the college and had brought a good name for the college. She said, “Whenever we see the National Assembly on television, our eyes go straight to the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam painted by Akhtar, which always makes us proud.”
Nayyar Ali Dada who is well known architect compares Saeed with legendary painter Michelangelo and states that both have two things in common. “Like Michelangelo, Akhtar has perfection in drawing and breaks a lot of things when he’s angry, just like Michelangelo used to”.
Like a writer who expresses his feelings with the support of a pen, an artist express himself and his views through the diverse strokes of his brush. Saeed Akhtar has a fondness for creativity as he conveys intricate messages by indulging in his most passionate pastime; painting. The veteran artist is truly an inspiration for the upcoming young generation artists.
Saeed says that colors are like life for him and in paintings when he interests and joins lines, and fills colors it gives satisfaction.
Dr Khalid Mahmud has written a book on Saeed Akhtar's works. The wide-ranging book consists of works on paper in graphite, charcoal as well as paintings in oil on canvas. The content of the book endeavor to put on scrutiny his art work, which are luxuriously steady yet resourceful and creative in nature keeping the transient moments.


  1. these are AWESOME..

  2. best,mind blowing,superb n gorgious paintings i have ever impressed by ur work sir gee:,i also love drawing,execellent work....keep it up,from hira

  3. i m ikram qureshi (artist in painting) from mirpur a.k. i met first time saeed akhter sahib 18 jun 1992 in n.c.a lhr. he guided me with detail and great affection to polish my art work. i m great fan of his great work (drawing or painting) no doubt he is the one of great artist of pakistan. may he live long, happy n healthy with his great art work.
    ikram qureshi 03335329645

  4. Aren't you being a bit too modest about his skills, I mean if this is the best Pakistan can produce it's a shame that we even have an Art Department and it's a bigger shame that Pakistan Art community has such low standards, I am not hating, just being honest. We're so backward and behind this fast moving world and the funny thing is bloggers like you don't even try to change it. Instead you praise everything you can find and start comparing to legends like Michelangelo. Start being factual and realistic, GOOGLE around other artists who're 10X if not 100X better than Saeed Akhtar.

    I am posting an Anonymous, since Pakistani's can't really deal with harsh words. inb4censorship.

  5. vvv nice painting....

  6. What a legendary artist! You'd have to SEE it to believe in his work. His work is inspirational and engaging. Salutes!

  7. em a big fan of his art work... (y)

  8. Such a great Pakistani Artist! Also an amazing teacher. He has a lot of work to credit including the 66 ft portrait of Quaid-e-azam. His work is available in Clifton Art gallery

  9. I love your work, especially the lady with the birds and the lady with the water jar. Do you sell prints?

  10. I love your work. Do you sell prints?


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