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Helen M. Stevens Embroidery Designer from UK

Helen M. Stevens is one of the UK ’s leading embroidery designers and trainers. She is also famous for her books all over the world. She has participated in exhibitions far and wide, at a variety of locations including Westminster Gallery, Mall Galleries in London ,

Harrods Art Gallery, the Stanley Gibbons Gallery in the Strand, The Mary Rose exhibition, The British Museum “Making of England” and the Palace of Westminster and Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. She offers on-site, in-person embroidery classes, and also on-line video classes through the her Website.

Helen M. Stevens was born in Belmont . She got her early education was in The County Grammar School, and at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk she studied textile designing.

Embroidered Butterflies
World of Embroidery

She Says, her inspiration for design, colour and creativity came at a very young age when she was in school, where a lady used to come a week with a huge carpetbag of fabric scraps and silk threads. Like some marvellous Dickensian archetype she would upend it all on a table, crying “There, my dears, just enjoy!” And I did!
And all this without ever a lesson in embroidery or art! But not without study … my days were filled with medieval Latin descriptions of embroidered work, my evenings with experimentation.
Her books are published in many countries and even translated in Russain and other languages.

The Embroiderer’s Countryside
Her Stunningly realistic embroideries of wildflowers, insects, birds and animals are superb and in this first book she presents a fascinating insight into the creation of these type of embroideries.
World of Embroidery
About this book she says that; when this book was published she celebrated twenty one years working in her own world of embroidery. Over two decades in which textile art has taken many step forward into mainstream acceptance, or perhaps more accurately, has begun to reassume its one pre-eminent place at the apex of applied art. In this book, by experimenting and pushing the boundaries of embroidery towards new goals, whilst still remaining the basic elements of the embroidery art, she has taken a leap of faith into the future through keeping a firm footing in tradition. This book is a fascinating journey around the planet (and beyond!) exploring the natural and not so natural world in Helen’s unique style.
Embroidered Gardens
Readers who are familiar with previous books in this series will notice some changes in the templates and colour charts for the masterclasses in Embroidered Gardens . Whilst the basic techniques that are needed to work the projects are similar to those in earlier titles, the introduction of landscape work will require some variation in their application. The colour plates and line drawings throughout the book are designed to elaborated on the subject of each chapter.

About this book she says that this book is a source of inspiration and as an invitation to interpret her techniques as you choose. She advices learners to work closely with her designs or create own design and be as free as butterfly. The book is the second in the Masterclass Series, featuring five detailed projects of butterflies and a wealth of information both inspirational and practical.
Embroidered Landscapes

This book completes the Masterclass series (no. 6) expanding readers’ knowledge of landscape work, as begun in “Gardens”. The five Masterclass projects are truly spectactular.
The Timeless Art of Embroidery
In this book Helen M. Stevens draws inspiration from the past, blending it with contemporary ideas and her own unique style to create an amazing collection of new embroideries. Looking at the art of embroidery through the ages, each era captures by Helen’s amazing interpretive designs.
The Myth and Magic of Embroidery
For her, writing this book was like traveling along great highways, a journey which witnessed both the momentous events of history and its intimate moments. The“storyteller” takes his lady through the wonderful mythology of embroidery and the textile art. This book is full of folk lore, magic and mystery!

Embroidered Birds (Masterclass Series)

The third in the Masterclass Series, this book is a joy for all bird lovers, keen embroiderers and twitchers! You will never look at feathers in the same way again.
Embroidered Animals
This book is 4th in the Masterclass Series, featuring the usual five full projects, and animals from all over the world – a must for all embroidery and animal lovers.

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