Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to add Recent Post Widget

Adding recent post widget in blogger, gives a nice look to you blog. It also makes your blog user friendly as he will be able to read highlights or summary at a shorter area or space.

Following are easy steps you can easily add recent post options in your blogger side bars.

First go to design and then click on Add Widget

A new window will be appear where you will see all kinds of widgets that you can add to your blog.

In more widgets option, you will see Recent Widget. Add it.

Upon adding Recent Comments Widget, new window will option where you can change the title of widget for example, Latest News, Highlights, Latest Updates, Latest Posts or whatever suits your blog.

You can change the size of this widget box, as well as number of post in this widget to be displayed and number of words as summary for each post.

After finalizing, click on save and check your blog by refreshing.

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