Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Tear...

It was my guddi’s (doll’s) wedding yesterday…I have invited several little girls of village; most of them are my friends. We use to have lot of fun playing Keeri Kara, Chupun chupai, kikli kalli (native go round and hide and seek games) after attending the school.

Today when I wakeup, I was terrified from a great noise and loud screams from my mother and father along with my elder brother and sisters. They all are saying “Pani Agaya!” (Water came), yesterday I heard children of my village were talking about flood. It is about to come in my village. They all were saying a major part of my Country go under huge waters and millions of people drowned as well…

Well if you ask me I’m more worried about my doll. But today when I saw the huge water I totally lost my breath. When water entered in my house I go unconscious, when I get up everything ruined but where is everybody? Its water every where…I didn’t find my parents neither do my brother and two sisters. Oh I remember it’s my doll’s reception from the groom’s mom my dear friend Razia is giving reception, her mother promised us she will serve sweet brown sugar rice to us, but today…ah today! I start crying, guddi, guddi where are you?

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