Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Suri Cruise the little fashion designer in Hollywood

Now Cruise Family Rocks...

Suri Cruise has become a fashion crowd-puller at the age of four, and in a latest interview, her mom Katie Holmes discloses that she hardly can designs her own clothes! Katie told to famous magazine, “I grew up the youngest of five, so that is why I would sort of change up. Suri and I do that now with her clothes. Or somewhat, she does it. She says, ‘I want this sleeve cut,’ and its like, ‘Okay, we’ll cut it.’”

Suri has been selecting out her own clothes from the time when she was one-and-a-half and that shows her love of fashion design. Katie started preparing clothes for Suri the time she was born, designing her dresses, and then sews them, because she doesn’t sew splendidly. “As a child, I was all the time sketched clothes, and I’ve for ever and a day loved fabrics, and when Suri was born, I sought after to have such things be from me and fashioned just by me for her.”Katie also tells…

Suri is also not timid to cover her view on other peoples approach it seems, she even assist mom Katie choose clothes! “Tom and I went to the Met ball a few years back and I had this stunning red gown and these royal-blue shoes that I wasn’t scheduling on wearing, but Suri prepared me wear them on and so I was like, ‘Okay, I trust you.’”

So it means Hollywood’s latest, and youngest, future designer will be Suri Cruise…we wish her goodluck!

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