Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jimmy Engineer An Artist and a Human Rights Activist

Jimmy Engineer is from Balochistan Pakistan . His initial schooling was done in Lahore . He has also studied in National College of Arts after which he started his career as an artitst in 1976. Very soon, he explored himself as a social worker and his paintings started becoming famous. May be it happened because what he was really feeling for, the same social issue he was drawing.

His art work has been highly praised not only in Pakistan but internationally as well, particularly his series on canvas which illustrate the Muslim at the time of Pak India partition 1947. He has worked on all mediums including landscape, seascapes, abstract, still art, calligraphy, self portraits, cultural paintings, paintings on war and terrorism, peace, stamp designs, water colors, pastels, and oil etc. He has made around 2000 paintings, 1000 calligraphies, and approximately 20,000 in print. He has participated in large number of exhibition in Pakistan , USA , England , Italy , Spain , France , Holland , Germany , Sri Lanka and Japan .

Jimmy Engineer is not only known for his art work but his constant contribution towards betterment of the society. No doubt, as an artist and as a human being he has broken all barriers of class and credo. Idea of unity and showing care and affection for deprived masses without any discrimination of ethnicity or religion has been his guiding lines, in his social as well as art work. He often campaigns; raise funds and public awareness for street children and beggars.

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  1. Jimmy engineer is a great painter and social activist...Marjorie Husain is compling a book on him..Coming soon...


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